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  • Widespread LAN Transformer
  • 由美國在1980年代所開發的乙太網路,隨著資訊時代的來臨,已經被網路系統普遍的使用。


    尤其為了對應輕薄短小的趨勢,部分有高度限制的產品必須把LAN的端子分開為RJ45接頭與LAN Transformer以實現薄型化的訴求。
    The Ethernet was developed by US in 1980s. Depends on the widespread Information Technology (IT), the Ethernet has been well-spread in internet system.

    According to the different applications, the major 2 transmission speeds of Ethernet are 10/100Mbps and 1/10Gbps, that has been applied in most IT equipment over 20 years, so that the LAN interfaces have became standard features in recent years.

    Especially to meet the trend of slim in IT equipment, some height limited equipment must divide LAN device into RJ45 connector and LAN transformer to approach the low-profile achievement.
    Trend of Ethernet
    LAN Transformer Application
  • Traditional LAN Transformer
  • 傳統LAN Transformer結構,包含:

    由於為了避免磁漏所採用的環型鐵芯不利於自動化繞線,所以傳統的LAN Transformer都是採用人工繞線,也因此會有繞線特性不均衡,影響傳輸品質與交期長的缺點。

    The structure of traditional LAN Transformer, including:
    ‧Plastic Case with Tin plated PIN
    ‧Toroidal Ferrite Cores
    ‧Enamelled Copper Wire

    Although the toroidal ferrite core can prevent leakage flux, the toroid shape is hard to wind the wire automatically, so the traditional LAN transformer is manufactured manually. Therefore, the manual winding process cause the disadvantages of the unstabilities in transmission quality and long lead time.
  • SUNTechnic NEW LAN Transformer Revolution
  • 景韻科技以累積多年的鐵芯開發經驗,以及超過多年的自動化繞線生產技術,實現了可以全自動化SMD生產的創新設計,並具備了品質穩定與快速交貨的優點。

    SUNTechnic integrated many years of experiences for ferrite core development and over many years of automatically winding techniques to perform the fully automatic SMD manufacturing solution for LAN Transformer to end customer with advantages of stable quality and short lead time.
    Common Mode Choke
    4-lines Transformer
    Appearance Comparison
    Performance Comparison
  • NEW LAN Transformer
  • 新型LAN Transformer元件是以共模濾波器與四線變壓器所組成,依據客戶所需要的應用傳輸速率不同,而有不同的搭配,10/100Mbps二組元件、1/10Gbps四組元件的搭配,只需在PCB板上事先做好景韻科技所提供的線路配置,即可輕鬆的實現這個可全自動化SMD生產的創新設計。

    New designed LAN transformer module is composed by Common Mode Choke and 4-line Transformer. Depending on different transmission speed requirement, there are 2 kinds of layout circuits on PCB. 10/100Mbps for 2 sets, 1/10Gbps for 4 sets of Common Mode Choke and 4-lines Transformer, customer can simply applied the SUNTechnic suggested layout circuits on PCB, then the new designed LAN Transformer can be executed automatically on customer SMT process with fully satisfaction of quality and short lead time.
    Common Mode Choke
    10/100M LAN Interface
    4-lines Transformer
    1/10G LAN Interface